Machine Learning in Production — Book Overview

After teaching our Machine Learning in Production class (formerly “Software Engineering for AI-Enabled Systems”) four times, we stupidly made a decision we are going to soo regret when there are still so many chapters left: We are going to write a book with our collected material.

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We will release the book publicly under creative commons license eventually. While we work on it, we are releasing individual chapters here, one at a time. We hope that more chapters below will be filled with links soon.

Table of Contents

Part 1: ML in Production: Going beyond the model

  • Introduction
  • From model to production system
  • Challenges of production machine learning systems

Part 2: Engineering Production AI Systems

  • Requirements engineering
  • 1. System and model goals
  • 2. Excursion: Measurement
  • 3. Model qualities
  • 4. The world and the machine (short version)
  • 5. Risk analysis
  • 6. Planning for mistakes
  • Architecture and design
  • 1. Inference service
  • 2. ML tradeoffs
  • 3. Model deployment
  • 4. Model composition
  • 5. Telemetry
  • 6. Big data
  • 7. Monitoring
  • 8. Pipelines and automation
  • 9. Evolution
  • 10. Human-AI interaction
  • 11. Other architectural drivers: privacy, data volume, operating cost
  • Quality assurance
  • 1. Model testing (short version)
  • 2. Data quality
  • 3. QA automation
  • 4. Quality assurance in production
  • 5. Infrastructure quality
  • 6. Debugging
  • Operations
  • Process and teams
  • 1. Data science and software engineering process models (short version)
  • 2. Interdisciplinary teams
  • 3. Technical debt
  • 4. DevOps to MLOps

Part 3: Responsible AI Engineering

associate professor @ Carnegie Mellon; software engineering, configurations, open source, SE4AI, juggling

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